Sony A6400 and firmware updates for A7(R)III and A9

Sony had a press event yesterday to announce their new APS-C mirrorless camera that seems to be an update to the A6300 called A6400. Updates seem to be mostly software (and likely processor) based as the camera itself has not changed much physically except for the LCD screen which is now able to rise up fully over the top of the camera. With a starting price of $899 USD, a bit lower than the entry price of the A6300 this seems to be a compelling mid level camera with it would seem some amazing autofocus abilities but it leaves out in body image stabilization that likely will come in the A6500 replacement soon.

More interesting for me is the announcement of firmware updates in the near future for the A7(R)III and A9 cameras. These updates are improving on the focusing algorithms and will include something that I’m very excited about….animal eye tracking. Can’t wait to try this on my A7III when it comes out.

Software updates are due in April for A7 series. The A9 will have a first update with considerable improvements in March and a second one in July for the animal eye focus.


For some details on the firmware and the camera there are good articles on and that cover most of the details.